Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lost Hope by Frankie Rose

Title: Lost Hope (Hope series #3)
Author: Frankie Rose
Age Group: Young Adult
Release Date: 20th March 2014
Publishers: Self-published

Rating: 5 stars

Available from: Amazon
Source: Author

“How Many Miles To Babylon?”
“Threescore and Ten.”
“Can I Get There by Candlelight?”
“Yes, and back again. If your heels be nimble and light, you may get there by candlelight.”

London 1891

Two boys meet in a foggy, darkened alleyway in London. Poised to fight, they recognise a quality in each other that stays their hands: they’re different. Not human. Well, not entirely, anyway. The universe, God, Kismet…something brought them together, forged a bond between them as strong as brothers’, and even they know it has to be for a reason.

London Present Day

Daniel and Kayden are cut from the same cloth. Their lives, their histories are so intertwined and tangled together that the last fifty years they’ve been at each other’s throats have seemed like an eternity. For Kayden, it’s been a punishment. For Daniel, a painful burden.
Now that circumstances have drawn them back to London once more, repairing the bridges they’d once burned to the ground is taking time. Time they don’t have.
Farley Hope is used to things going wrong. Epically wrong. A dead mother; a half-brother who recently went on a killing spree and refuses to come out of his room; a friend whose body has been hijacked by a malevolent, powerful being…
All of that would be bad enough, but considering her brooding boyfriend hasn’t brought up the fact that she agreed to marry him in weeks…her run of bad luck is really starting to take its toll. Things had better start looking up, otherwise her new-found powers are going to be put to use, and there’s no guaranteeing what will be getting blown up.

This is where it all began.
Where chance meetings set an unstoppable
chain of events in motion.
How a prophecy came to be realised.

How Lost Hope was found.

I was lucky enough to read a very early copy of Lost Hope, and I absolutely adored it. Reading Lost Hope was like coming home to old friends. It picks up where Eternal Hope left off, with the group now in London. Whilst there, Farley begins to understand more about those she cares about, especially Daniel and Kayden. I loved how Rose has created a dual story line with the past and present intertwining. I never once felt out of place, and it slowly reveals more about Daniel and Kayden, and how their characters have grown and been dragged apart throughout the years. They share a tragic past and it really pulled at my heartstrings. I love Daniels character but as I read each book, Kayden continues to worm his charming, flirty, damaged self into my heart. Farley’s character continues to develop, and I always admire her strength and her belief that she can save all her friends, no matter what. The action in Lost Hope intensifies and there’s plenty of twists and turns to keep you glued to your seat, and a rather epic ending will have you hugging your copy to your chest. I know this review is short, but if I say too much more it will give away too much, but I have to say you won’t be disappointed in the third book of the Hope series. Frankie! I need the next book now!