Review Policy

Review Policy

Thank you for stopping by Worlds of Wonderment. I appreciate the time you have taken, and hope that you like what you see. I love being introduced to new books and new authors, and I am more than happy to accept review copies from authors and publishers. All my views are my own, and honest. I think just because I don't like a novel, doesn't mean someone else won't. If I did not like your book, I can refrain from posting its review upon request. Otherwise, all reviews will go up on the blog.  

I review YA: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Thriller and Action/Adventure books but will consider other genres depending on the book.I will look over all review requests but do not guarantee I accept all of them. I can post my review in a website place of your choosing.

Along with reviews, I also would be happy to host author interviews, guest blogs and giveaways.

If you would like me to review your book, hold a contest, or have an interview, please send all requests to:

Any books/ARCs provided for review will not be sold or given away. Worlds of Wonderment is against book piracy.