Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #1 - Winter's Light by M.J. Hearle

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill @Breaking the Spine! This is where we share upcoming books that we are desperately waiting for.

This week I am really looking forward to the release of Winter's Light by M.J. Hearle. I enjoyed the first book Winter's Shadow immensely and can't wait to read more about Winter & Blake!

Blake is gone.
He sacrificed himself to save Winter, leaving her alone, unprotected... hunted.
An ancient enemy is rising, but Winter is no longer the innocent girl who was fated to die at Pilgrim's Lament. She will not wait to be saved. She will do what she must to survive, even accept an unsavoury alliance with those who destroyed her love.
In the gathering darkness, the enemy of an enemy is not always a friend, and Winter must find the strength to stand alone and fight for the one she loves. For she is the key to unlocking the secrets beyond the veil of shadows.
And she is Blake's only hope.

How pretty is the cover? Her red hair just draws the eye right in. Let me know what your waiting on?


  1. Oooh. Brodie over at Eleusian Mysteries is featuring this too. I'm SOOOO loving this cover and I can't wait for this considering where Winter's Shadow left off!!! Awesome Pick!!

    Rachel @ The Rest Is Still Unwritten

    1. I saw that after I'd done mine. I thought is would be a good idea to do feature an Aussie for Australia Day tomorrow.

  2. Oh my , i love this cover !!!! So excited :D

  3. Love that cover, it's so pretty.

  4. OMG I love the cover its so pretty!! I cant wait to read, the first one was SOOOOO good!! I just hope I can get someone to get this one for me as well!!