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One Year Blogoversary - Charlotte Bennardo

I'm running a bit late with my second Blogoversary post with Charlotte Bennardo, but better late than never! So here it is!

My vote for YA couple is…
By Charlotte Bennardo

Well, before I get to that, let me explain that I didn’t pick Katniss and Peeta because I haven’t read the Hunger Games and everyone else will vote for them. (I’m a rebel that way—I go against the crowd.)
And I’m not choosing Bella and Edward because I can’t relate to women whose whole life (and death) center around a guy to the exclusion of everything else. Bella didn’t even know what she was going to study in college- it was all Edward, Edward, Edward.
It would be ill-advised of me to choose one writer friend’s hero/heroine duo over another. I have to live amongst and work with them, so let’s not cause any rifts. And I won’t be crass enough to pick my own characters (even though I have love for them. Sigh)
While I like Jane Eyre as a spunky gal—Mr. Rochester not so much, and I think he aged out of the “YA” part. Romeo and Juliet were silly kids, and even though I love his Highness William Shakespeare and his characters, (I’d consider Kate and Petruchio, but I think they’re too old for YA also), Romeo and fair Juliet didn’t even make the “Under Consideration” list.
There are a lot of literary couples I could go through, but I will finally reveal my choice to keep from boring you or driving you mad by my procrastination. My choice is….
Harry Potter and Ginny Weasely.  Really.
In short order, here’s why:
-They had a life that was full, busy, complicated and realistic (as much as you can get when you’re witches and wizards). They went to school, had to study, played sports, got mad at their friends. Life as we know it.
-It wasn’t the old “Love at first sight.” Sorry, not a believer. Lust, yes, love- NO. They grew to love each other after going through silly crushes, dating others, enduring heartbreak and having arguments.
-Their relationship had balance; it wasn’t all one or the other. Since Harry was older, he was more worldly than Ginny, but she matured, caught up, and was someone of equal determination, resourcefulness and passion. She kicked evil Voldemort butt and was a fun date.
-They faced real issues (Voldemort and his evil plots aside). Dating others, seeing the one you liked date someone else, facing loss, hardship and separation.
I truly believe these two, with all the magic stripped away, are representative of YA couples, which is why I find them appealing: I could look in the mirror and see a shadowy version of me—or anyone.

The SIRENZ Series
by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman
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  1. Oohh HARRY AND GINNY!! i definitely agree with Charlotte! How can anyone NOT LOVE THEM!?
    Mine would have to be...Ash and Meghan ; and since I'm reading Insurgent at the moment, Tris and Four as well!
    Thank you soo much for this giveaway<3