Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review - Immortal City by Scott Speer

Title: Immortal City (Immortal City book 1)
Author: Scott Speer
Age Group: Young Adult
Release Date: April 4th 2012
Publishers: Razorbill AU
Available from: Amazon
Amazon UK
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the Nile
Source: Penguin Au

We pay them to protect us.  And we're their biggest fans.They are our celebrities, and we worship them with paparazzi and endless gossip and speculation.  To us, they are glamour.  To them, we're an assignment.  Their job is to guard us-that is, those of us who can afford them . . . Because the only thing stronger than a Guardian Angel is the rule they must obey.

So what happens when one of them falls for one of us?

In the City Angels, the rules are about to be broken.


I enjoyed the twin POV's from our heroine Maddy and hero Jackson, who is the worlds biggest Angel and is on the cusp of being granted Guardianship. He is youngest Angel in history to receive Guardianship, and his life has been lived in the public eye. Paparazzi constantly follow him, his every move is reported to the masses and they lap it up.
Maddy is the poor girl who works in her uncles diner. She's just trying to get through life and stay off everyone's radar. Then a chance meeting brings them together. From the beginning you know their relationship is not going to be easy. Maddy's life is a bit like Cinderella, just without the evil Stepmother and Stepsisters. 

I had a little trouble getting into Immortal City. At first I found the characters to be shallow and immature. The angel mythology is completely different to what we're used to. Angels are worshiped as the worlds celebrities, starring in movies and ad campaigns. To me the book had a feel of Clueless meets the supernatural.  The second half of the book is where it gets interesting. We find out more about Maddy and Jackson's families and how they have a history they knew nothing about. Although I guessed pretty quickly it didn't stop me from reading the book as there were other questions that I wanted answers to. There is a sub plot containing a murder mystery that is going to rock both their worlds.

The conclusion is thrilling, with the perpetrator of the murders being someone I did not guess. I'd recommend Immortal City if you're after something different. I'm looking forward to seeing where the author takes this story.


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