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Interview & Giveaway with Aidan Lucid

Welcome to Worlds of Wonderment Aidan!
Thank you, Jo-Anne, for having me. It’s an honour to be here.

For those haven’t read your book, can you tell us a bit about it?
My novel, Return of the Son of Hamorin, which is book one of The Zargothian Tales trilogy, is about a young American high school kid named Henry Simmons who finds a gold coin. He later learns that the coin has magical qualities and it takes him to a wondrous land named Zargothia where he must free the humans from a savage alien race known as The Sadarkians. He’s not alone in his quest, however, and has the help from a witty talking cat named Jasper and two Airforce pilots from 1945. Will Henry succeed in his quest and free King Argoth and the humans?

Is the Zargothian Tales part of a series? If so, what can we expect from this series?
Yes, The Zargothian Tales is part of a trilogy and you can expect lots of action with shocking twists and turns (especially in book two) with a healthy dollop of humour thrown in as well.

Can you tell us about your main characters?
Sure. The main character is Henry – a happy-go-lucky 15 year-old American high school kid who loves reading Superman comics and has his eye on a blonde cheerleader. His life is turned upside down when he finds the golden coin and Henry learns a valuable lesson in having a lot of magical powers at his disposal and the responsibilities that come with this power.
King Argoth - king of the humans in Zargothia - is a king fighting for freedom but he cannot do much until Henry’s arrival and he hopes to free the humans from the Sadarkians’ cruel reign.
King Zakarius - king of the Sadarkians and Henry’s nemesis - is a ruthless king and will stop at nothing to be rid of humans forever. Zakarius hates the humans for a past betrayal but little does he know that all is not what it seems.

How did you get the idea for the Zargothian Tales?
I don’t know really. I guess it all stemmed from a question, “What if a World War II plane was attacked by dragons” and I took it from there. I love all things military and I thought it would be cool to have a WWII era plane attacked by a flying dragons but I didn't know how to incorporate the dragons into the opening scene in the book. One day I was watching a documentary on a tragic incident that occurred in December 1945 called ‘The Flight 19 incident’ and that was basically about four planes mysteriously disappearing over The Bermuda Triangle back in 1945 and they've never been found since. I thought that it would be cool to use the Bermuda Triangle as a means of bringing the dragons into my story.
King Argoth and the Zargothian inhabitants were originally from a humorous short story I wrote but it was going nowhere so I used those characters and brought them into this book and it worked perfectly. I love history, especially medieval warfare, and it was this love of that time period that inspired some of the battles in Return of the Son of Hamorin.  While I was researching medieval warfare, certain facts about how soldiers fought in siege warfare gave me some cool ideas to use in my book and the end result proved pretty effective. I just hope the readers feel the same way. J

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Even though authors such as Tolkien and David Gemmel have been a bit of an influence, I’m very much my own man and have developed my own style and honed it over the last decade.

What is your favourite genre to read?
I don’t have a favourite genre as such. I love reading everything from fantasy, to sci-fi to non-fiction books on the paranormal and historical figures such as Julius Caesar and Irish patriots. 

If you could co-author a book with anyone alive or dead, who would you choose and why?
Hmm…that’s a pretty tough question to answer. Gosh, there are so many talented authors out there that I couldn't possibly choose one. If I did have to choose, I guess I’d love to do something with Geoff Johns on Superman. I know he’s not an author of books but he wrote some damn fine comic book stories and let’s face it, who wouldn't want to work on Superman?

If you were a superhero, what would your name be?
Considering I’m from Ireland, I think it would be Shamrockman! Ha, ha. Just kidding! I don’t know really. I guess my super powers of choice would be flight, teleportation and invulnerability to bullets, knives etc. But as for a name, gee, that’s a tough one.  The Green Avenger would be one name I’d like. 

When Air Force Pilots Edward Johnson and Conor MacCall flew a routine patrol over the Atlantic, the last thing they expected to encounter was bogeys. Even more unexpected was the nature of the bogeys – large flying reptiles belching streams of flame. In their efforts to evade, the two find themselves in a strange new world, a world at war, and in urgent need of a leader. Could the long awaited leader be found in a quiet high school boy?

Aidan Lucid hails from a small town called, Ballyheigue in County Kerry, Ireland. He has been writing since 2002 and in 2004, he first began to send out his material to magazines, newspapers etc. and was published seven times that year. Since then he has been published widely in many ezines and poetry anthologies. In 2005, while recovering from a car accident, Aidan wrote his debut fantasy novel, The Zargothian Tales: Return of the Son of Hamorin, (, which was published by WordTechs Press in ebook format in December 2010 and in paperback in 2011. Despite being born with a very rare syndrome known as, Moebius Syndrome, Lucid has never let his disability hold him back and he has received diplomas of distinction in freelance journalism and creative writing from online courses and was a film reviewer for his local newspaper, The Kerryman, for nine months in 2007.

Aidan is now working on book two of The Zargothian Tales series and has his own film review blog – The Lucid Review where he reviews all the latest cinema and DVD/Blu-ray releases. Mr Lucid is also branching out into writing screenplays. For more information about this author, go to:    

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