Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sexual Content in YA - On the Fence by Donna

I’m always on the fence with sex in any YA book and it’s not because I don’t enjoy it, because I do, but mainly I believe sometimes it doesn’t come across clear. I’ve lost count how many books I’ve read where I’ve had to ask someone, well did they or didn’t they?  And while I understand why the author has to tone it down, I believe there are ways of doing it without confusing the reader or making the reader frustrated – which I’ve had a number of times.

The perfect example of well written sex scenes in YA book are from Jennifer L. Armentrout, Simone Elkeles and Veronica Rossi. I believe that these authors take the time to give the readers the right amount of information to make the sex scene work, make it believable and not confusing. The main thing for me is that it is believable. This is one of the reasons why sometimes I enjoy reading adult books more, because the sex scenes are always believable. It could possibly be down to my age (I’m 27) but I know many younger readers that think the same as me. Sex is a huge part of the world and even though we try to protect our children from it, I believe honesty is the best policy. I don’t think sex scene’s need to be fully graphic in any YA book, but do believe it should be clear to make the reader fully aware of what is happening.

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