Monday, February 18, 2013

Sexual Content in YA

Sexual content in Young Adult books is always a controversial subject, and I have enlisted the help of several authors and bloggers for their opinion on the topic. My views aren't very out there, but I believe the topic needs to be covered in the story and not glossed over. Kids these days are far from stupid and know more about sex than ever; it's splashed across billboards, in magazines and on tv, but there is still such a stigma attached to it. But why? We're all taught about the birds and the bees at school, but when your parents try and broach the subject there's a lot of mumbling, red faces and embarrassment. What makes this issue so touchy? 

Young Adult books are written for ages anywhere between 13 - 18, and cover a wide range of genre's. You will find that in most of them there is a love interest and that these two teenagers will be discovering the boundaries of their relationship. Where does the right and wrong of sex begin in a book and shouldn't it be the authors decision on how far their characters are willing to go?

I think when the subject is glossed over it insults the reader and their intelligence; but I also understand that not every couple is the same. The key topics when talking about sex in anything should be about what it means when you do actually decide to go through with, a proper understanding of the consequences and the respect you have for yourself and your partner. 

If you are going to comment on any of these posts, please keep it clean and respect each guest post authors opinion and we will respect yours. I hope you enjoy reading them and thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

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